Geoinformation technologies - a tool for increasing the efficiency and safety of mining

Edited by K. S. Kolikov and V. N. Tatarinov


The study of modern information systems and technologies pays more attention to training specialists in various areas and specialties of mining. At the modern level of scientific and technological development and computerization, geoinformation methods are a powerful tool that helps improve the efficiency and safety of mining operations and provide a qualitatively new level of adoption of optimal and flexible management, design and planning solutions in the mining industry.

According to the known definition, geoinformatics is a field of science and technology that reflects and studies natural and socio-economic geosystems, their interaction and development through computer modeling on the basis of information systems and technologies, databases and knowledge bases.

Data on the geological environment as a system located in the area of other natural and man-made systems, where all the parameters are interrelated and affect each other, are characterized by inadequacy and uncertainty and often do not allow to make a simple constructive decision when choosing parameters for field development systems, structures, speed and the order of development of ore bodies, the parameters of quarries, etc. To overcome this uncertainty, the most constructive is the use of geoinformation methods a lot of analysis, which, under uncertainty, make long-term forecasts using fundamental geological and geodynamic patterns as the main criteria and guarantees of reliability. Therefore, the material presented in the journal is relevant not only to mining enterprises, but also to other environmentally hazardous industries, including the removal of radioactive waste in geological formations, the construction of especially important underground structures, etc.

Already almost 5 years, scientists, teachers and students of the Mining Institute of NITU "MISiS" and the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences have successfully conducted joint research in the framework of the scientific and educational center (Geodesy and Geoecology Earth: modeling, forecasting and monitoring). The research side of the REC’s activities envisages the implementation of joint activities in the following main areas: — Development of new methods for geodynamic zoning of territories in areas where radiation-hazardous objects of the nuclear fuel cycle and facilities of the fuel and energy complex are located; — research and modeling of the stress-strain state of underground structures; — development of a scientific and methodological base for application of information technologies for forecasting the stability of the geological environment; — study of modern movements of the Earth’s crust based on the application of global navigation satellite systems. The REC is headed by the director of the Geophysical Center, Academician AD Gvishiani.

Over the past two years, cooperation between the GC RAS and the Institute of Mining and Metallurgy of the NITU "MIISi" was aimed at integrating the scientific, educational and production potential for the implementation of joint research and educational projects and works of innovative character in the priority fields of science, technology and technology even more intensively. This issue is fully devoted to the research of scientists, graduate students and students of the Mining Institute "NITU MISiS", carried out jointly with the Laboratory of Geodynamics of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The staff of the Mining Institute of the NITU "MISiS" in its work combines the most modern educational technologies with fundamental and applied scientific activity, leading world-class research in priority areas of science and technology. We hope that the articles presented in this issue will increase the potential of scientific research and the quality of the educational process, as well as create new technologies to improve the efficiency of mining and geoecological safety of mining enterprises.

Published 28 December 2017.

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Citation: Edited by K. S. Kolikov and V. N. Tatarinov (2017), Geoinformation technologies - a tool for increasing the efficiency and safety of mining, Geoinf. Res. Papers, Vol.5, BS5003,