National Report for the IAPSO of the IUGG 20152018

Edited by E. G. Morozov


The main goal of the research was to study the processes in the World Ocean, to study the available resources of the oceans and seas, and to develop proposals for their rational use. To achieve this goal, a complex of tasks was carried out, among which were the following: Investigation of the deep-sea circulation of the Atlantic Ocean, variability of the structure and dynamics of the waters of the northern part of the North Atlantic, currents and thermohaline characteristics of the Southern Ocean, synoptic and mesoscale processes in the seas and oceans.

The study of the role of the oceans in climate change, global oscillations of the thermodynamic characteristics of the ocean and their climatic significance.

Deep-water contourits of the Atlantic Ocean. Clay and fine clastic minerals in waters and bottom sediments of the North Atlantic and adjacent parts of the Arctic.

The dynamics of hydrocarbons in natural environments as an indicator of pollution. The carbon cycle and biogeochemical processes in the ocean. The role of aerosols in pollution of the seas and oceans and climate change.

The study of the coastal zone as an indicator of the response of sea level to climate change. Seismic danger of the bottom of the internal and marginal seas of Russia. Morphodynamic changes of shallow coasts under the influence of storm waves

Published 30 May 2019.

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Citation: Morozov E. G. Ed. (2019), National Report for the IAPSO of the IUGG 20152018, Geoinf. Res. Papers, 3, BS7002, GCRAS Publ., Moscow, 24 pp.