Scope of the Series

The Geoinformatics Research Papers series publishes original research papers dealing with all disciplines of geoinformatics related to Earth Sciences including ecology, human dimensions vs global change with the emphasis on multidisciplinary investigations in all geospheres and near space.

The GRP series will cover all stages of research chain – from observations and data acquisition through data processing and analysis to the modern technologies of science records – all in line with the fourth paradigm for science (i.e. data-intensive scientific discovery).

The main purpose of the GRP series is to provide the scientific community with the most important scientific results obtained by the Russian scientists. Articles submitted by foreign scientists or international authors teams are highly encouraged, especially studies of general problem of geoinformatics and its application to researches under international projects.

Articles submitted to the Journal are passed through standard peer-review process, except articles submitted by the Members of the Russian Academy of Sciences. All articles are passed through editorial processing.

Regular papers and books in this series will be published using most modern electronic publishing technologies, including multimedia and interactive content. Papers will be published in English or Russian with titles, abstracts, contents, and some other crucial elements in both languages.

Registration. The Journal is registered by the ISSN International Centre under the following ISSN number:
ISSN 2308-5983
Key title: Geoinformatics research papers (Online)

Correspondent member of Russian academy of Science Anatoly Soloviev is Editor-in-Chief of the GRP series. Editorial Board includes leading scientists from various scientific disciplines.

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