Geoinformatics Research Papers

Contents – 2017

Vol. 5

Publication # BS5003
Published 10 November 2017
Acquisition and systematization of information for database on extreme geomagnetic conditions
Soloviev, A. A., R. Y. Lukianova, M. N. Dobrovolsky, R. V. Sidorov, R. I. Krasnoperov, D. V. Kudin, A. A. Grudnev



Publication # BS5002
Published 08 October 2017
Book of Abstracts of the International Conference "Global Challenges and Data-Driven Science"
Edited by E. Kedrov

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Publication # BS5001
Published 11 October 2017
Report of Geophysical Center of RAS for 2016: Results of the State Task
Edited by A. A. Soloviev, T. A. Tatarinova

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