Geoinformatics Research Papers

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Vol. 11

Publication # BS1001
Published 11 July 2023
Atlas of climatic changes of the main hydrometeorological parameters of the western part of the Russian Arctic for the period 1950–2021
Gvishiani A. D., Rozenberg I. N., Soloviev A. A., Kostianoy A. G., Gvozdik S. A., Serykh I. V., Krasnoperov R. I., Sazonov N. V., Dubchak I. A., Popov A. B., Kostianaya E. A., Gvozdik G. A.

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Publication # BS1002
Published 18 July 2023
National Report for the IAG of the IUGG 2019–2022
Edited by V. P. Savinykh, V. I. Kaftan

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Publication # BS1003
Published 19 September 2023
Report of Geophysical Center RAS for 2022. Results of Scientific Research and International Projects
Edited by A. A. Soloviev, R. I. Krasnoperov

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